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Patent SO.TEC
Written Tuesday,

Patent about “Method and system for purification of fumes

“SO.TEC has filed the European patent application n. 19154976-1101 and its president Ing. Gianantonio Tagliabue has obtained the European designation of inventor on 03/27/2019

industrial air depuration
Written Monday, by Nicola Tagliabue

The industrial air depuration: SO.TEC and NEDERMAN products

“Since 1988 So.tec designs, manufactures and installs turnkey air filtration plants. To do this So.tec has always worked with people and companies with proven experience dealing and distributing high quality products such as those marketed by the Swedish company Nederman

Air purification in industrial processes: environmentally friendly production
Written Friday, by Nicola Tagliabue

Air purification in industrial processes: environmentally friendly production

“In industrial processes, the elimination of fumes, oil mists and dusts from the air is crucial in order to respect the legal requirements, protect the environment and ensure limited pollutant emissions. It is therefore necessary to use filtration systems of the utmost quality and reliability.