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The industrial air depuration: SO.TEC and NEDERMAN products

“Since 1988 So.tec designs, manufactures and installs turnkey air filtration plants. To do this So.tec has always worked with people and companies with proven experience dealing and distributing high quality products such as those marketed by the Swedish company Nederman

Written Monday, by Nicola Tagliabue
industrial air depuration

SO.TEC is an engineering company mainly devoted to design and construct plants and technological units for industrial air cleaning.

SO.TEC was founded in 1988 with its specific expertise in the treatment of industrial dust coming from the most different sectors.


From the beginning SO.TEC imported from northern Europe the “cassettes”dust filters , embedding its own industrial plants turnkey.


Until 2009 the “cassettes” dust filters were produced and marketed by the Danish company Dantherm Filtration, which had recognized brands as Airmaster, BMD Garant, and Ventilatorverken Nordfab.


In 2011, the Swedish multinational company Nederman finalized the acquisition of Dantherm Filtration.


This event allows SO.TEC to expand its products range, thus begins the import of Nederman products in addition to “cassettes” dust filters.


Now SO.TEC sells all Nederman products.


Nederman is one of the leading companies in the world in environmental technology.

Nederman develops, manufactures and markets its products.


Nederman product range is really wide and consists primarily of:

  • Dust Collectors, “cassettes” filters and cartridge filters (also in ATEX versions);
  • Oil mist filters;
  • Mobile units for welding fumes, dust and gas;
  • Industrial fans;
  • Suction arms for welding fumes, grinding and accessories;
  • Suction benches and accessories;
  • Cyclones separators;
  • Machining (for mechanical companies) such as metal chip crushers, vertical and horizontal centrifuges for chips, conveyors for metal chips, metal chips briquetters, coolant filtration systems/ oil separators and accessories;
  • Valves;
  • Galvanized pipes;
  • Hoses;
  • Mobile high vacuum systems, centralized high vacuum systems even in ATEX;
  • Hose and cable reels (air/water);
  • Complete suction systems for vehicle repair shops;
  • Etc ...


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Nicola Tagliabue

Author Nicola Tagliabue

Managing Director at SO.TEC Srl

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