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For the production of its oil mist extraction and filtration systems and their relative accessories, SO.TEC relies upon the collaboration of highly qualified metalworking companies with decades of experience who possess the necessary quality, material and welding certifications.

In particular, the structural welds of SO.TEC's systems (Super-compact systems or MINI-MAX series) are subjected to rigorous testing (liquid penetrant testing, visual-dimensional inspections, electromagnetic crack detection, etc.).

For the realization of the electrical components for its oil mist filtration and extraction systems (control panels, programming inverters, PLC programming software, connections, automations, etc.), SO.TEC has also established partnerships with various highly qualified companies boasting decades of experience.

The Super-compact systems are manufactured by our trusted metalworking companies and are assembled directly at the final customer's facilities.

The MINI-MAX series filters are manufactured by our trusted metalworking companies, are assembled directly at our facilities, and are then delivered to the final customers.

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