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The filter designed to last over time while ensuring complete respect for the environment

In 1995, SO.TEC began developing coalescence technology for the filtration of oil fumes containing graphite produced by hot brass forging processes, and oil mists generated by various mechanical processes, and soon went on to install over 200 systems of medium to large dimensions (up to a single system capacity of 180.000m3/h) both in Italy and abroad.

The efficiency of separation of oil fumes and mists is extremely high, and is equal to: 

  • 99.99% for particle sizes greater than 1.0 micron
  • 99.00% for particle sizes greater than 0.5 microns
  • 95.00% for particle sizes greater than 0.2 microns;

With its MINI-MAX series filters, SO.TEC even offers this efficient, reliable and durable technology for applications that require reduced suction capacities (from 500 to 7.000 m3/h per filter) and installation flexibility.

MINI-MAX filters normally have two filtration stages and can be equipped with a third stage in order to allow the air to recirculate within the work environment.

  • The first stage separates any dusts and mists present with particle sizes greater than 1 micron. 
  • The second stage, which features high aggregation/separation efficiency Microless® coalescing elements, provides for filtration results comparable to those of certified absolute HEPA filters. 
  • The third stage (optional), which consists of absolute HEPA filters, guarantees the quality of the air to be recirculated back into the work environment. The high efficiency of the coalescing elements installed in the second stage also ensures the long service life of the absolute filter. 

The functionality of the three filtration stages is monitored by differential pressure gauges, which indicate the relative operating conditions. One of the most essential characteristics of SO.TEC's coalescing filters is the considerable durability of their filter elements, which maintain their functional performance with no need for maintenance operations.

oil mist filtration mist

Due to their reduced suction capacities, MINI-MAX series filters are ideal for single-machine/device suction and filtration, or even mini-centralization. MINI-MAX filters can be installed either inside the production department (even with the structure raised), or else outside of the production department.

MINI-MAX series filters are available in standard or customized versions, based on the customer's requirements.

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TYPE50010001500200030004000 lp4000 hp500060007000
Air flow m³/h500100015002000300040004000500060007000
Pressure Pa2100230032003500310034004000410040003950
Power absorption kW0,70,91,72,43,24,65,478,29,4
Motor power kW1,11,13445,57,5111515
Noise dB(A)60686872727075767777
Noise with sound box dB(A)//6670706872737474
Total weight Kg.29032062067077013001380175018501950
Lenght “L” mm122012209801830148023302330330036003600
Width “W” mm7808201240860124012401240124012401240
Height “H” mm1650179023302330233025702650286028603000

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