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Super-compact system

Super-compact oil mist filtration system
A large capacity system that boasts maximum efficiency with low maintenance.

SO.TEC offers an an innovative technology, which has been widely applied and tested both in Italy and abroad, that's designed to treat the fumes produced by hot brass forging presses, the mists produced by automatic machine tools, or the oil mists produced by various industrial processes.

This new technology is capable of both eliminating the pollutants from the air flow and recovering the oil for subsequent reuse (as well as graphite or any other impurities dispersed into the air).

The system consists of two filtration stages:  

  • The first stage separates the oil particles greater than one micron in size, together with graphite or any other impurities present in the air;  
  • The second stage involves the coalescing separation of the submicronic oil particles, which constitute approximately 90% of the total oil in the extracted air, according to the efficiency of separation indicated below:
    • Efficiency of 99.9% for particles sizes > 1 micron
    • Efficiency of 99% for particles sizes > 0.5 microns
    • Efficiency of 95% for particles sizes > 0.2 microns (high efficiency achieved thanks to the use of special Microless® filter elements) 

The separation of the submicronic particles provides for an extremely low oil content in the air emissions, with the complete elimination of the typical chimney "plume".

supercompact oil filtration system

Thanks to our vast experience and our systems' reliability, we are able to guarantee extremely low emission values for our customers:

  • With regard to the filtration of oil mists generated by hot brass forging and thermal processes, we are able to guarantee emissions with an oil content of less than 5 mg/Nm3.
  • With regard to the filtration of oil mists generated by machine tool processing and/or cold metal deformation, we are able to guarantee emissions with an oil content of less than 2 mg/Nm3 (expected value of less than 1 mg/Nm3).
  • With regard to the filtration of oil mists generated by the moulding and post-vulcanization treatment of rubber, we are able to guarantee emissions with a dust, plasticiser and phthalate content of less than 5 mg/Nm3.

All the emission values measured by our customers have proven to be well below the guaranteed values. The functionality of the two filtration stages is monitored by differential pressure gauges, which indicate the relative operating conditions. One of the most essential characteristics of SO.TEC's coalescing filters is the durability of their filter elements, which maintain their functional performance with no need for maintenance operations.

All the Super-compact systems are customized to meet the customer's specific needs.

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