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Wood processing

Wood, the warmest material offered by nature

Wood is a hard and highly-resistant material of plant origin that can be used as both a fuel and a construction material.

It is an extremely durable material that's easy to process and has been highly appreciated since ancient times.

Even today, wood continues to be widely used, and once processed can be exploited for various applications (including floors, walls, building frames, shipbuilding, furniture, woodwork, windows, packaging, etc.).

Some of the main woodworking processes include:

  • panel production; 
  • sectioning; 
  • surface processing (smoothing, coating, etc.); 
  • drilling;
  • trimming and edging;
  • CNC machining; 
  • cutting and milling;
  • others.

It is particularly important to be aware of the explosion hazard posed by wood dusts!

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