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MCP cartridge filter

The compact and reliable dedusting cartridge filter

The dedusting system's safe and continuous functionality is an indispensable condition for constant production. Offering both safe and effective filtration and flexible installation possibilities, the MCP filter is highly competitive and is ready to meet the needs of the future.

Compact with high performance

The MCP filter has been developed in order to ensure maximum filtration efficiency with a minimal encumbrance. The filter can therefore be installed near to the place in which the dust is generated. This means less energy consumption, less piping and, ultimately, lower installation costs.

Naturally, the filter can also be installed outdoors.
Its compact design facilitates maintenance at floor level, thus often rendering walkways and other structures unnecessary.

Filter characteristics 

  • MCP filters can be produced with modules of 2, 4, 6 or 8 cassettes (32 to 464 m2), with either standard (L) or long (A) version cartridges, and with expandable capacities of up to 28.000 m3/h.  
  • Integrated fans from 3kW to 18.5kW positioned above the filter. 
  • High-efficiency, automatic, counterflow, compressed air cleaning system. 
  • Wide range of filter media. Wide range of accessories, including fans, support structures, walkways, valves, dust collection bins, silencers, protective elements for abrasive dusts and fast-closing inspection doors. 
  • 3 main types:
    - Filter with open base flange for "silo type" connection
    - Filter with hopper and flange
    - Filter with hopper and collection bin. 
  • Possibility of indoor and outdoor installation. 

The MCP series filter is also produced in an ATEX certified version for dusts with an explosion hazard class rating of St-1, St-2 and St-3.

Examples of completed systems

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