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Air purification in industrial processes: environmentally friendly production

“In industrial processes, the elimination of fumes, oil mists and dusts from the air is crucial in order to respect the legal requirements, protect the environment and ensure limited pollutant emissions. It is therefore necessary to use filtration systems of the utmost quality and reliability.

Written Friday, by Nicola Tagliabue
Air purification in industrial processes: environmentally friendly production

Air purification is a critical step that follows every industrial process involving the creation, manipulation and transformation of products and materials.

By their very nature, in fact, manufacturing processes represent a potential source of worker hazards and environmental pollution.

Manufacturing companies that make use of moulding, machining, cutting and sandblasting operations, as well as thermal and chemical treatments, also produce a series of pollutants (fumes, oil mists, dusts, etc.) that propagate quickly in the air, thus resulting in hazards and pollutants in both the work area and the external environment.

It is therefore essential to equip one's own production structure with efficient and reliable air purification systems that are capable of minimizing the emission of fumes, mists or dusts (at least to within the limits required by law). Above all in light of the fact that, over the years, a greater amount of attention has been increasingly placed upon minimizing pollution and decreasing the impact that companies have upon the environment, with public opinion likewise becoming increasingly rigid and uncompromising.

For this reason, SO.TEC's philosophy is based precisely upon the principles of sustainable development and respect for people and the environment.

Thanks to the experience and technologies that the company has developed over the years, SO.TEC has succeeded in becoming a leading manufacturer of air purification systems both in Italy and abroad, and has helped numerous companies to improve their production processes, as well as to effectively resolve the problem of hazardous and pollutant substance emissions.

In fact, manufacturers who dedicate the necessary attention to the purification and filtration of the toxic substances emitted by their production processes can enjoy significant advantages.

For one, they do not run the risk of having to pay fines or being cited with violations of the current environmental protection regulations.

Furthermore, if they adopt reliable purification systems, they can be confident of their air filtration quality, and their machinery will not require frequent inspections.

Finally, optimizing the elimination of toxic substances ensures a healthy and safe work environment for employees. In this manner, the workers will feel protected by the company, and will therefore work with more peace of mind.

Nicola Tagliabue

Author Nicola Tagliabue

Managing Director at SO.TEC Srl

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