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Mini-Max Plus and with a vertical layout

Mini-Max Plus
MINI-MAX series filters are also available in customized versions based on the customer's needs.

MINI-MAX PLUS Filter (capacities from 8.000 m3/h to 10.000 m3/h)

The MINI-MAX Plus filter distinguishes itself from the standard MINI-MAX filter by its greater suction capacity (up to 10.000 m3/h) and its soundproofed electric fan, which is built directly into the machine's structure. 


  •  Greater suction capacity 


Vertical MINI-MAX filter (capacities from 6.000 m3/h to 15.000 m3/h)

The vertical MINI-MAX filter distinguishes itself from the standard MINI-MAX filter by the internal arrangement of the filter elements. In fact, both the first filtration stage and the second filtration stage with Microless® high efficiency coalescing elements are arranged vertically within the structure of the filter itself. 

coalescence filter


  • Positioning on the ground
  • Decreased space requirements

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