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Tag: Mechanical operations

Fastener Fair Stuttgart
Written Tuesday, by Nicola Tagliabue

Fastener Fair Stuttgart- 19/21 March 2019: SO.TEC will be one of the protagonists.

“Since 1988 SO.TEC has been designing, realizing and installing turnkey plants for industrial air filtration. Since 1995 SO.TEC has been designing and supplying filtration plants for treatment of oil mist coming from various operations and also coming from cold forming

Cold forming: oil mist treatment. Coalescence filtration plant
Written Friday, by Nicola Tagliabue

Cold forming: oil mist treatment. Coalescence filtration plant

“Cold forming process generates fumes, oil mists and substances harmful to humans and the environment. It 's important to provide stamping departments of appropriate filtration plants to protect workers and the environment.

Written Thursday, by Nicola Tagliabue

SO.TEC will be one of the protagonists of “FACTORY4.NOW” at MCE Expocomfort 2018 Fair in Milan

“Eleven firms, all leaders in their sectors, have teamed up to create "", a real production line with working machines. Starting from a brass rod, a finished component of the hydro-thermo-sanitary sector will be produced directly on site.

industrial air depuration
Written Monday, by Nicola Tagliabue

The industrial air depuration: SO.TEC and NEDERMAN products

“Since 1988 So.tec designs, manufactures and installs turnkey air filtration plants. To do this So.tec has always worked with people and companies with proven experience dealing and distributing high quality products such as those marketed by the Swedish company Nederman