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SO.TEC plants and machining: the coalescence for fumes and oil mist treatment.

“The mechanical operations, with machine tools, produce fumes and oil mist harmful to humans and the environment. It‘s important to provide departments of appropriate filtration plants to protect workers and the environment

Written Monday, by Nicola Tagliabue
mechanical operations coalescence

The mechanical operations are mostly made with automatic machine with tools lubrificated with oil or oil emulsion.

During these phases of the production fumes, oil mist and chemicals are generated.

The fumes coming from machine tools must be treated, aspirated and filtered before the emission.

To ensure that workers have to operate safely and comply with legal requirements in the field of air purification is necessary to equip your production department with a reliable air purification system.

For that reason from 1995 SO.TEC introduced also into mechanical sector coalescence technology for treatment and filtration of oil mist, installing several centralized and little plants in Italy and abroad.

SO.TEC project and deliver in mechanical sector different types of suction and filtration systems to treat fumes and oil mist:

  • MINI-MAX plants: maximum filtration efficiency with a very small footprint and a suction flow rate ranging from 500 to 8.000 m3 / h (the filters are installed both inside and outside of the production department)
  • MINI-MAX PLUS AND WITH A VERTICAL LAY-OUT: maximum filtration efficiency with a very small footprint and a suction flow rate that varies from 8.000 to 15.000 m3 / h (the filters are installed both inside and outside the production department)
  • SUPERCOMPACT plants: state of the art filtration systems, compact size and large air flow rate. (≥ 20.000 m3 / h). Filters are usually installed outside the production department)

Thanks to our coalescence plants, the separation efficiency of the oil mist is very high:

  • 99.99% for particle sizes greater than 1.0 micron;
  • 99.00% for particle sizes greater than 0.5 microns;
  • 95.00% for particle sizes greater than 0.2 microns.

In the mechanical operations SO.TEC plants advantages compared to other technologies are:

  • Top level in the air depuration;
  • Emission levels near to for what concern the total oil and dust content in the emission (guarantee: ≤ 3 mg/m3, expected values ≤ 1 mg/m3);
  • Very low maintenance in the long period; (life guarantee of the coalescence filter elements: 7-10 years);
  • Very high separation efficiency also for submicronic particles (0,2 μ);
  • Constant efficiency of the sistem in yhe long period without maintenance;
  • Energy efficiency.
Nicola Tagliabue

Author Nicola Tagliabue

Managing Director at SO.TEC Srl

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