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Aluminium sanblasting: SO.TEC provides 4 ATEX dedusting plants for dust with explosion risk

“The blasting process is a delicate stage that generates dust harmful to man and the environment. It 's important to provide the sandblasting area with a special dedusting plant to safeguard workers and the environment. In the case of aluminium sandblasting, dedusting plant must be with ATEX cerification.

Written Friday, by Nicola Tagliabue
Aluminium sanblasting

Sandblasting is a widespread phase into the intermediate processes of production. Technically it is a mechanical process that, through an adjustable jet of sand and air, cleans and erodes the surface layer of a semi-finished product and make it ready for the next processing step.


The semifinished products subject to sandblasting may be composed of different materials that, as a result of the abrasion process, immediately release in the air dust toxic and dangerous for the workers and the external environment.

The dust produced in industrial manufacturing processes must be treated carefully also because, in many cases, are likely to become explosive. Therefore, according to their nature, the dust are divided into three different risk classes (St.1, St.2, St.3), the higher the class and the greater the chance of explosion. 

In the case of aluminium sandblasting, the dust generated are in Class St.2 / St.3, and it is therefore essential to equip the blasting machines with a filtration plant certificate for dust with risk of explosion.

To avoid these hazards, ensure workers to operate safely (without risk to their safety and health) and meet its legal obligations in respect of air purification is needed to equip its blasting machine of a reliable system treatment and disposal of the dust.

The expertise on this topic allows SO.TEC create and supply turnkey dedusting systems also ATEX certified.


Dedusting plants made by SO.TEC fall into three categories:


  • Dust cassettes filters FMK25: offer maximum filtration efficiency with a very small footprint and a maximum capacity of 10.000 m3 / h expandable (the filters can be installed outdoors or where dust is generated)
  • Dust cassettes filters Atex FMKZ25 FKZ25: the filters are equipped with a reinforced body to provide protection in the event of disposal of dust highly flammable / explosive
  • Dust cartridge filters FMC200: filtration systems cutting edge, small and a maximum capacity of 21.200 m3 / h expandable



The realization of several dedusting plants allows SO.TEC to better meet the needs of companies, based on the amount of dust produced, the availability of space, the danger, the risk of flammability of dust and so on.

Nicola Tagliabue

Author Nicola Tagliabue

Managing Director at SO.TEC Srl

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