The filter designed for long operating life with fully environment protection

Since 1995 SO.TEC has designed coalescence technology for the filtration of oil mists and graphite coming from hot brass stamping and various mechanical operations, e.g. tooling and machining. More than 100 medium and big size industrial plants (up to 180.000m3/h capacity) are now installed both in Italy and abroad.

Separation’s efficiency reaches very high values:

- 99,99% for particles bigger than 1,0 micron;

- 99,00% for particles bigger than 0,5 micron;

- 95,00% for particles bigger than 0,2 micron.

Thanks to MINI-MAX filters, SO.TEC proposes this efficient, reliable and durable technology also to applications that require low suction air flow (from 500 to 7000m3/h per filter) and high versatility installation.

MINI-MAX filters are normally composed by two filtration sections and they can be equipped also with a third filtration section with absolute HEPA filters, to enable indoor air recirculation:

• The first filtration section separates the solid particles and the biggest oil particles with dimensions bigger than one micron.

• The second filtration section, thanks to Microless® elements which are characterized by high aggregation/separation efficiency, allows very high filtration results which are comparable to certified absolute filters.

• The third filtration section (optional) consists of absolute HEPA filters and guarantees the air quality level in order to enable indoor recirculation.

The second filtration’s very high coalescence efficiency allows long operating time also to the absolute filter. The three filtration sections' functionality is controlled by differential pressure gauges that indicate their operating conditions. Basically the privilege of SO.TEC coalescence filters is the long operating time, continue high filtration efficiency, without any maintenance requirements. On suction from tooling and machining operations, with oil or water-based lubricant, we can also guarantee more than 5 years’ operating time for the coalescence filtration section.

Typical MINI-MAX applications fields:

- Bar turning;

- Machining with oil or water-based lubricant;

- Hot brass stamping;

- Heat treatments;

- Hot forging;

- Cold heading.

Mini-Max flow sheet